Filming a YouTube video about Inner Awakening in Thailand

Filming a YouTube video about Inner Awakening in Thailand

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Come Out of the Closet" A Japanese goddess gives a very strong message on the blessed occasion of Devi's Enlightenment Anniversary

One of the decks I work with is called The Ascended Master Oracle. It's a well rounded deck, containing a multitude of spiritual beings from every corner of the globe. One card shows Amaterasu, a Japanese Shinto goddess of the Sun. This blog is being written now because her card has come up in literally every reading I've given for the past week. It's message is this: "Come out of the Closet."

Whenever a single card comes up continuously like this, it's meaning applies to the entire world, not just to the clients who draw it. (Like the powerful message of the Babaji card, which appeared in an unmatched and unprecedented 2 month streak.)

On this auspicious occasion of Devi's enlightenment anniversary, one incarnation of the divine mother, Amaterasu, would like her story to be known.

(Please note: the Amaterasu story that you're about to read is a combination of Shinto legend, and creative license based storytelling; it's the story I tell my clients when they draw her card. It differs slightly from the Japanese legend, and therefore should not be mistaken for cultural, religious or historical fact, but is a nice representation of Amaterasu's Truth.)


Amaterasu was a princess born with a fraternal twin brother. Her brother was an embodiment of darkness, while she herself was an embodiment of light. In their childhood, she would follow her brother all around the palace, fixing whatever he broke- vases, lanterns, ornaments... as she cleaned up his incessant mess, she would sing sweetly to herself. Yet everyone ignored Amaterasu's good and chose instead to focus on her brother. They nurtured and coddled him, preparing him to take the throne as emperor. One day, while Amaterasu was straightening a stack of calligraphy papers that her brother had upturned, her father scolded her to be quiet. It was one thing for her sweet singing to be ignored, and another thing entirely for it to be shunned. Amaterasu had had enough. Brokenheartedly, she left the lavish comforts of her palace home and set out on a lone journey of renunciation. After days and days of walking, she found a mountain cave, went inside, and sat down.

Years after Amaterasu's departure, her father finally noticed that she was gone. But by then, it was too late to curb her brothers path of destruction, and all the kingdom had fallen into chaos- he was running rampant, and without Amaterasu's light to balance his dark energy, there was no end to the harm he caused. Having grown into a full embodiment of ignorance, arrogance and anger, he no longer fancied his childhood outbursts of breaking vases or turning over calligraphy papers; instead, he used his negative force to instigate, fight and truly terrorize the kingdom. He became a dark storm cloud that hung over the entire country.

Out of desperation, Amaterasu's father sought the counsel of an elderly sage who lived in the forrest. "Oh Great Sage, I have failed my kingdom by failing my daughter. In her childhood, I scolded her for singing sweetly... Instead of nurturing her good, I neglected her and instead praised my rotten son. Now, my good girl is gone, and everything is in shambles. What should I do?"

The wise man said, "Seek out Amaterasu in a mountain cave."

With the blessing of the master, Amaterasu's father found her the following day, and called, "Oh, my beloved daughter, please come home! We need you desperately."

But she did not come.

Once again the emperor went to the enlightened recluse and grieved, "She will not even listen to me! How can I get her back?"

The sage said, "You must show dear Amaterasu something worth returning to the world for; the fulfillment she has found in herself in that cave is infinitely sweeter than the upbringing you gave her. As long as she thinks the world prefers to be in the dark, she will hide there, in lone enjoyment of her light."

Determined, the emperor returned the cave and called, "Amaterasu! I have brought the most beautiful things to show my reverence for you and your light. A golden hair comb studded with pearls, the finest music box money can buy, a rare silk kimono... Please, you will be Empress; come out and claim your birthright!"

Still, Amaterasu didn't budge.

It was then that the master appeared before the destitute king, and said, "Can you not see- your girl has gone beyond the base, worldly desire to rule over others and own fancy things. You have shown her that which would be worth coming out for, to you, if you were hidden away. Now, show her something that she will find worthy of her attention." With that, the enlightened one vanished.

Instantly, the emperor had an idea- since there was nothing in the world more radiant than Amaterasu herself, he could lure her out only by displaying her reflection. He held an enormous mirror in front of the entrance to her cave, and cried, "Amaterasu- look here!"

The moment she looked up, Amaterasu was mesmerized by the light she beheld. Not recognizing it as her own form, she rushed towards the mirror with such momentous force that she flew right through the glass, past her father, and all the way into the sky above. As she sailed past the atmosphere, she understood that her father had shown her a mirror, and that the blinding light was hers alone. Beyond the point of no return, she willed herself to shine more brightly than ever before.

"Let my father see my radiance, and know that I am well. Let all be blessed by this joyful light that has become me!"

That moment, Amaterasu became the Sun. Her shining benevolence was so powerful, it burned through the storm clouds that hung over her father's land, and instantly, the balance was restored not only in his country, but in the entire world. Her brother dropped to the ground in praise of his sister, taking a vow to expose all of his faults so that they could be transformed in the clarity of her light.

The world rejoiced. Amaterasu's light was no longer confined to the role of subservience, no longer an afterthought next to her brother's Patriarchal rule, nor a replacement for it. Her light became a guiding force and inspiration for all those who beheld her to seek their highest potential.

In the Light of his sister's Love, Amaterasu's brother transformed, and ruled the people with Justice, Compassion and Spiritual Wisdom.


  1. Incredibly amazing ! Awaiting for the next, Sudevi!

  2. Hi Ma - Thanks for the feedback! I'll let you know when the rest is ready to be read; until then, the 'juice' of this blog is temporarily removed. 9Will explain later...)

  3. Thank you for the beautiful story.