Filming a YouTube video about Inner Awakening in Thailand

Filming a YouTube video about Inner Awakening in Thailand

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vegan Recipe of the Week

Namaste my veg friends! This week, our vegan recipe was sent in by my dear friend Cathy Chaturi Kali Ma. Thanks, Chaturi!

In order to make it totally vegan and sattvic, I would use liquified coconut oil instead of ghee, and instead of onions and garlic, I would add just a pinch more of the other herbs and spices.

Chaturi wrote:

Namaste Ma Sudevi,

I made this last night for my sons and daughter-in-law. A Chaturi original :-) it is not Vedic though.

1. Yummilicious spinach and potatos

Fry diced onions and peppers, garlic, ginger,  curry leaves, tumeric, cumin, corriander and a little salt. Add spinach. Add a little water and simmer. When spinach has cooked down, add peeled, steamed potatos.
Turn onto a low heat and allow flavours to blend.

2. Mixed bean curry with a tomato twist

Fry diced onions and tomato. Add garlic, corriander, cumin, tumeric, curry leaves, half a chillie or dried chillies depending on preference and a little salt. Add a little water.
Add previously cooked butter beans and sugar beans. Simmer.
If you prefer you can add some coxnut milk. I rarely do.
Garnish with fresh corriander.

3. Side dishes - corn on the cob and fresh cherry tomatos or rosa tomatos.

4. Super soft Roti:

4 cups flour (I use cake flour)
Melt approx. 100 grams ghee or margerine. (*Sudevi's healthy veganization: coconut oil!)
Slowly mix boiling water with rhe dlour, alternating with ghwe until you have a super soft dough.
Roll it out into a sausage. Cut thich slices.
Flatten each round alice and roll out very thinly.
Toast them in a medium heates pan (dry) and brush each cooked roti with a little ghee or margarine. (coconut oil!)
They ahould be soft, not dry


Sent with love.


  1. Hello, I'm just now listening to your ''do not consume any flouride, ever''-video. Thanks for the upload, it's interesting! I have been thinking about my own flouride consumption via toothpaste for some time. I have bought some different ones without flouride and started to use them as well, but really nice with more info :)

    And I like these vegan dishes especially the one with potato and spinach :)

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hi there Sudevi ~ I read your blogpost "Arcturus, My Home Star of Enlightenment" posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 after I had an experience of going on board an Arcturian Light Ship. Like you, I had the experience then had to start looking for the explanations. Since mid-2012, I began blogging... This is my main blog. It's very eclectic. I post and write about whatever's on my mind: Just two days ago, I felt VERY STRONGLY that I need to start writing another blog which i've called "The People's Disclosure". The title came from "you know where". I love your story of 2010, so i've added it to The People's Disclosure. These are our stories... The People's experiences with Sky Family... plus the odd miscellaneous post about UFO sightings, etc. But the focus is on people's experiences. I hope this is alright with you my Sistar. Here is the link to the Mirrored article, referenced and credited, of course : )

    Best love <3 Ramallah xx

  3. Please just reply in comments on the Disclosure blog when you get this notice. Thanks so much : )

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