Filming a YouTube video about Inner Awakening in Thailand

Filming a YouTube video about Inner Awakening in Thailand

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cherish Those Who Are Born to Awaken Humanity; We Need Them

When a master comes to the planet with a groundbreaking, innovative, inspiring, and truthful message, fear is born in the minds of the powerful and corrupt. Those who dedicate their lives to accumulating status and wealth in the outer world depend on mass exploitation; masters who liberate the masses then become their enemy.

There are countless cases of spiritual teachers being killed for political reasons by malicious government officials. The authorities first implicate the master in some sort of a crime to turn the people against their savior, then strike when public anger has built up. This is what happened to Jesus in his 33rd year; likewise, Vivekananda was poisoned, Osho was persecuted, Krishna shot with a poison arrow. At this crucial time in world history, a truly make-or-break point in our civilization and the continuation of our world, we MUST listen to those who are connected with existential, universal consciousness.

Nithyananda is the master, the avatar, the messenger of our age. Without any karmic obligation to be here, He has come only to liberate us. As Jesus took birth and was hailed the son of God, Nithyananda has come, and those of us blessed to recognize Him see He is the return of Krishna, of Jesus, of Mohammed... And we, His devotees, are not the only ones who see His truth: the powers in charge of India are afraid. The powers in charge of India, who have converted to political Christianity, fear a mass return to the Vedic ways- namely, life lived for the sake of joy, love, peace and enlightenment. An enlightened society is not a society of slaves, but a society of individuals. If the office-based workforce becomes enlightened, they will no longer stand for the drudgery and depression of a lifestyle that goes against basic human intelligence- which is to do what feels right, not what is forced. If the masses become enlightened, each man and woman will live for his or her own truth, his or her own bliss, his or her own connection to spirituality. A mass with herd mentality can be forced to work in cubicles and live in box apartments, but a mass of individuals expressing their own selves can never be swayed by false promises of "lifestyle" and elitism.

In March of this year, an intense, elaborate and unimaginably expensive attack was launched against Nithyananda by opposing forces. A video of "Him" supposedly cuddling in bed with a female devotee was leaked to the media, and an onslaught of false accusations were brought forth against Him. In a matter of hours, nearly every television channed, national newspaper, web site in India was flooded with the video, and defamatory reports. The idea was to destroy Nithyananda's reputation and prevent the enlightenment of the masses. As a result, devotees of the master were beaten, some trespassers even attempted to murder disciples on the ashram by locking them in a building and setting it on fire by throwing molotov cocktails. Oddly, the media was there a few minutes before the attacks, ready to film the "spontaneous" destruction. In order to launch such a huge media campaign, millions are needed.

After being imprisoned for more than fifty days in terrible conditions (without a bed or even a cot throughout the investigation, eight days without food) Nithyananda was finally let out on bail when not a single witness came out against Him. Every single charge filed was unsubstantiated, and no evidence existed on any allegation. The video- morphed with modern technology- was not even real.

Since then, Nithyananda has beenm given an honorary doctorate degree from Colombia University, and was garlanded by a high spiritual leader of Tamil Nadu. (The chief priest of the Arunachaleshwara Temple, Tiruvanamalai.)

Even still, He is out only on bail. For some unfathomable reason, the final verdict is still not in. He was illegally arrested, His people were abused and burned, He was starved and forced to sleep on a cold, wet jail cell floor...  over six months have gone by with no evidence, no witnesses, no proof of any kind, not even a name of a potential victim... nothing. If this is in any way striking a chord with you, just pay attention to Nithyananda. Watch His YouTube videos, see how it makes you feel, and if you have a feeling that what He is offering the world is worth preserving, send your thoughts to the India Justice Department.

High Court Building, Bangalore
560 001

Include the date, your name, country name, and a statement in your words about why you will not tolerate the illegal arrest, imprisonment, and mistreatment of the enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

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